Sharon Armstrong
New Orleans

Bio: Writing on travel, music, and food...and all that other stuff too. Sharon Armstrong is a Scottish freelance writer currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was born and grew up in the picturesque town of Ayr, and has from childhood been interested in journalism, travel, traditional Celtic music and music festivals - although not necessarily in that order. After graduating from Glasgow's Strathclyde University with a BA in English and Psychology, she moved to Edinburgh where she worked, among other things, as a reporter and arts reviewer. Her love of travel led her across the Atlantic to New Orleans where, like so many before her, she stayed far longer than she planned to - long enough to witness first-hand the effects of that famously unwelcome guest, Hurricane Katrina. Post-Katrina, following a brief stint as a Vet-Tech which led to her owning one of the many dogs rescued from the flood-waters, she dusted off her rucksack, put a leash on her newly acquired ‘New Orleans Crack-Hound’ Dougal and hit the road again, returning home to Scotland to undertake a MSc in Journalism at Napier University in Edinburgh. She has worked as a journalist and a photographer for Yes!Weekly, a Greensboro North Carolina-based, weekly newspaper; feature writer for the Evening News in Edinburgh; producer; and is a contributing writer for Celtic music magazine The Living Tradition, The New Orleans Advocate, and Louisiana's Health and Fitness Magazine. In 2015, she co-authored Broadway Bank's 75th anniversary history book - "Here For Good." She currently hosts New Orleans' WWOZ 90.FM's weekly Celtic music show, Music In The Glen, which broadcasts live from New Orleans every Saturday morning, 10 am to 11.30 am (Central US Time.) You can stream the show here http://www.wwoz.org/listen/player/ or catch up on all WWOZ shows using their cheeky little two week on demand archive here: http://www.wwoz.org/listen/archive She is still interested in journalism, travel, traditional Celtic music and music festivals - and still not necessarily in that order. Dougal has settled into life in Ayr nicely and has almost lost his accent.

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